What you need to know about EDGE v3

Dror Karni

EDGE Version 3.0 (V3) is already here!  The Beta is live at edgebuildings.com by simply selecting Version 3.0.0 from the drop down menu. Certification of projects created with Version 3.0 will be available starting in March 2021 and certification will be expanded to additional countries.  The overall process for certification will remain exactly the same.

What to Expect

V3 will make the EDGE App more streamlined and intuitive, while providing greater control and increased sophistication for more precise results. Here’s what you can expect:

  •          Up to 15 different unit types may be modeled within a single residential project without the need for bundling subprojects.
  •          A new baseline includes the growing use of certain technologies (such as LED lighting) and local regulations where they’re being implemented.
  •          Every country in the world was added to the EDGE App, with local currencies provided.
  •          Building lengths were added to each of the building orientation dimensions.
  •          The climate data section was expanded to include humidity and wind speed.
  •          Calculators were updated and streamlined. For example, natural ventilation can now be used for any size opening.
  •          The default thickness of materials are dependent on building typology to more accurately display embodied energy.

More information on the release of EDGE V3 is available in EDGE Technical Update No. 28 and we also recommend you watch IFC’s recent webinar introducing EDGE V3:

Important Deadlines for Projects created in Version 2 of EDGE

The tentative deadline to register Version 2.1.5 projects is September 2021.  Please note that “register" means that all registration steps are complete, including signing a certification agreement and paying the $300 registration fee.  GBCI recommends that customers with Version 2.1.5 projects apply for registration via the EDGE App by August 2021 so that they have time to sign the certification agreement and complete the registration fee payment.

Please note that all EDGE  Version 2.1.5 projects must achieve Final EDGE Certification by December 2025. 

Question or Concerns?

Should you have any feedback on EDGE V3 or questions about how your current and/or future projects may be impacted, please email IFC at [email protected]