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EDGE Experts are professionals who help a developer, owner artand larger project team understand the EDGE standard, software, and certification system. The scope of an EDGE Expert’s work includes advice on green design and assistance with preparation of an application for EDGE certification.

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Earn your EDGE Expert credential

Want to be seen by building developers and owners as a trusted resource and adviser on EDGE certification? Earn your EDGE Expert credential and expand your business and services in the marketplace. Here is what you need to know about the process.

Step 1: Review eligibility criteria

LEED APs are prequalified. If you are not a LEED AP, you must have a higher education qualification in a construction industry related field or three years of experience working in the construction industry (as a skilled professional or tradesperson) AND a higher education qualification (not necessarily in a construction industry related field).

Step 2: Complete GBCI's EDGE Technical Workshop (EDGE Experts training)

Attend GBCI’s EDGE Technical Workshop. The workshop covers the basics of EDGE, the certification process, and how to use the EDGE software. It will also prepare EDGE Expert candidates to take the EDGE Exam.

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GBCI’s EDGE Technical Workshop is also available online on-demand in English or in Spanish for only $150, with multiple videos, quizzes and a practical exercise. On-demand training allows you to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you like.

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Step 3: Pass the EDGE Exam

You will receive instructions on how to sign up for the exam after completing GBCI's training. The EDGE Exam is administered by Prometric (a third-party testing center) and currently costs $100 USD. A complete list of test center locations may be found at prometric.com/edge by clicking on the “Locate a Test Center” link. You may also take the EDGE Exam from the comfort of your home or office as long as your workspace and computer meet the requirements specified in the Remotely Proctored Candidate Information Bulletin.

The exam is administered via computer and consists of 75 multiple-choice questions, with a 2.5-hour limit. All exams are closed-book. The exam is currently available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Indonesian Bahasa. Be sure to check out our tips on how to pass the EDGE Exam on your first try and review your training materials and EDGE publications before sitting for the exam.

Edge Auditor IconEDGE Auditors

EDGE Auditors assess whether a building meets the requirements of the EDGE standard by investigation and evaluation of objective evidence. An EDGE Auditor reviews project documentation (design audit) and visits the project site (site audit) before making a certification recommendation to GBCI. EDGE Auditors must be independent from the developer/owner/project team of the project they audit.

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Become an EDGE Auditor

Are you a current EDGE Expert and want to also become an EDGE Auditor? Here is what you need to know about the process.

Step 1: Review eligibility criteria and submit your application
EDGE Auditor candidates must meet all three criteria:
  1. Be a current EDGE Expert (including completing EDGE Experts training and passing the EDGE Exam).
  2. Higher education qualification in a construction industry related field.
  3. Three years of practical work experience in the construction industry. Note experience in green building certification (such as EDGE, LEED, WELL, GRIHA, BREEAM, DGNB, etc.), with at least one certified project is preferred.

Acceptable construction industry roles:

  • Architect
  • Architectural technologist
  • Bid manager
  • Building surveyor
  • CAD technician
  • Civil engineer
  • Contracts manager
  • Contractor
  • Construction manager
  • Developer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Estimator
  • Energy/environmental engineer
  • Facilities manager
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Planner
  • Procurement and contracts management
  • Quantity surveyor
  • Site engineer
  • Site manager
  • Skilled tradesperson
  • Structural engineer

Submit your application

Applicants must upload a copy of their EDGE Expert certificate in the application.

GBCI reviews application and notifies you if you are approved.

Step 2: Complete GBCI's EDGE Auditor Candidate Workshop, including passing a mock audit exam
    GBCI's EDGE Auditor Candidate Workshop is available online on-demand. Registration for this workshop is open by personal invitation only to EDGE Auditor candidates that hold an EDGE Expert certificate whose applications (Step 1) have been approved. New candidates will be invited to register for the workshop after their applications have been approved.

    Price: $399
    Language: English
    Duration: About 8.5 hours
    Format: Students must successfully complete two audit exercises as well as a short quiz after each of the 5 online modules. The Audit Final Exercise submission (mock audit exam) will be graded for quality. Only candidates with a high-quality submission will pass the workshop and become GBCI EDGE Auditors. No refunds are offered for students that do not pass the workshop.

Step 3: Sign EDGE Auditor Agreement with GBCI & begin auditing EDGE projects
  • EDGE Auditor candidates that successfully complete the EDGE Auditor Candidate Workshop will be sent an EDGE Auditor Agreement.
  • Sign and return your EDGE Auditor Agreement to GBCI.
  • Submit your maintenance fee of $150 / INR 10,000 (covers two year period).
  • GBCI will consider you an ‘interim’ EDGE Auditor.
  • Proactively market and sell your EDGE Auditor services. In addition, GBCI will list your name and email on our site so that potential clients may contact you directly.
  • Start auditing and submitting projects in any country where GBCI administers EDGE certification.
  • GBCI will review every project you submit and evaluate the quality of your work. After you meet GBCI’s quality expectations, you will be considered to be an ‘approved’ EDGE Auditor.
Step 4: Maintain your active EDGE Auditor status
  • Maintain active status with a biennial maintenance fee of $150 / INR 10,000 and by completing at least one building project audit every two years; or attending a refresher training of at least 4 hours every two years; or retaking the exam, or undertaking another activity as determined by GBCI.
  • You may provide EDGE Auditor services in any country where GBCI administers EDGE certification.

Edge Expert IconEDGE Trainers

GBCI EDGE Trainers are highly experienced green building professionals that are trained and licensed by GBCI to organize and conduct EDGE Expert training (GBCI’s EDGE Technical Workshop).

Become a GBCI EDGE Trainer

Step 1: Review eligibility criteria and submit your application

EDGE Trainer candidates must meet both criteria:

  1. Be an active GBCI EDGE Auditor with at least one certified project
  2. Be an active USGBC Faculty Member

Apply via Email

GBCI reviews the application and notifies you if you are approved.

Step 2: Understand the details and expectations of GBCI's EDGE Trainer program

Approved applicants will be invited to an online meeting that will provide an overview of:

  • Training administration and finances
  • Training tools provided by GBCI
  • Training standard operating procedures
  • Quality expectations
Step 3: Sign agreement with GBCI and complete train-the-trainer program
  • Pay one-time training and testing fee of $299.
  • Sign contract with GBCI to gain access to our training materials, including, PowerPoints with speaker notes, email templates, and course handouts.*
  • Study training materials and practice delivering the training on your own.
  • Pass the final test by successfully presenting randomly selected training sections to GBCI’s EDGE Technical Lead and addressing sample questions.

*GBCI currently has training materials in English and Spanish. Other languages may be added later or translated at the trainer’s expense.

Step 4: Organize and conduct training

As a GBCI EDGE Trainer, you will be equipped to organize and conduct EDGE Expert (GBCI’s EDGE Technical Workshop) live online training or live in-person training in any country around the globe except for Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, and Vietnam.

  • You will be required to conduct at least one EDGE Expert training per year.
  • Occasionally an organization may contract you to deliver private training, however, most training revenue will come from events that you organize yourself.
  • GBCI will post your training event information and registration link on edge.gbci.org and edgebuildings.com.
  • GBCI EDGE Trainers keep 70% of their event's training revenue.
  • You must receive an average student feedback score of at least 4.5 out of 5 to maintain your status as a trainer in good standing.