As part of GBCI's commitment to provide excellent, value-added service to our clients, we now offer free online on-demand EDGE training in English for up to two project team members for each registered EDGE project.

Introductory Registration & Certification Fees for Projects in India

Individual homes/single family dwelling unit pricing

Built-up area (m2), excluding parking
0-200 m2 ₹ 10,000 ₹ 20,000
201-350 m2 ₹ 10,000 ₹ 25,000
351-500 m2 ₹ 15,000 ₹ 30,000
501-750 m2 ₹ 15,000 ₹ 35,000
751-1,000 m2 ₹ 20,000 ₹ 50,000
>1,000 m2 ₹ 20,000 ₹ 80,000

  • Fees are calculated for each individual home separately based on its built-up area (in m2), excluding parking.
  • Multiple individual homes may use the multi-dwelling pricing below.
  • Fee payments must clear for each stage before GBCI will begin to conduct a review of a project.
  • All fees are exclusive of applicable taxes and non-refundable.

Calculate the fees for your project

Group housing/multi-dwelling units/commercial buildings pricing

Built-up area (m2), excluding parking
Pre-certification (Design)
Final EDGE certification (Construction)
0-5,000 m2 ₹ 20,000 ₹ 80,000 ₹ 40,000 ₹ 1,20,000
5,001-50,000 m2 ₹ 20,000 ₹ 80,000 ₹ 40,000 + ₹ 9/ per each additional m2 above 5,000 m2 ₹ 1,20,000 + ₹ 9/ per each additional m2 above 5,000 m2
> 50,000 m2 ₹ 20,000 ₹ 1,00,000 ₹ 4,50,000 ₹ 5,50,000

  • Registration is a flat ₹ 20,000 for any number of buildings located at a single project site as long as they are all registered at the same time. Registration fee is due immediately in order to register a project.
  • Project owners have the option to split certification payments between Pre-certification (Design Phase) and EDGE Certification (Construction Phase) according to the table above.
  • For projects with multiple phases of construction, certification fees are calculated based on the built-up area, excluding parking, submitted for review at each phase.
  • Fee payments must clear for each stage before GBCI will begin to conduct a review of a project.
  • Already constructed projects may skip pre-certification, however they will need to still pay the total certification fee in the table above.
  • All fees are exclusive of applicable taxes and non-refundable.

Calculate the fees for your project

Introductory Registration & Certification Fees for Projects in All Other Countries

EDGE certification is available from GBCI in most countries around the world. Click here to verify that GBCI provides EDGE certification in your country.

Registration — Register all the buildings at your site now for one low fee of $300.

Certification — Calculate your certification fee for each building based on its floor area (excluding parking):

Floor area (m2), excluding parking
Pricing per m2
0-25,000 m2 $0.27 $2,250
25,001-50,000 m2 $0.22 $6,750
> 50,000 m2 ---- $11,000 Flat Fee

Residential projects with multiple buildings at ONE project site - Certification Fees are generally calculated using the chart above based on total floor area, excluding parking, that you submit for certification review at the same time. Note that a site audit must take place within 12 months of the practical completion date of a building (this will drive how much area you can submit for certification at one time).

Portfolios, multiple project sites, or multiple non-residential buildings - Please request a custom quote.

Examples of how to calculate your certification fee:

Floor area of building, excluding parking
Certification fee calculation
5,000 m2 Building
  • 5,000 m2 x $0.27 = $1,350
  • The certification fee in this case would be $2,250 since the minimum fee is not reached.
20,000 m2 Building
  • 20,000 m2 x $0.27 = $5,400 certification fee
32,000 m2 Building
  • 32,000 m2 x $0.22 = $7,040 certification fee

EDGE Auditor Fees are negotiated with your chosen EDGE Auditor - An EDGE Auditor will be required to perform design and site audits for your project. By choosing to work with GBCI, you are able to select and contract your own local EDGE Auditor that has been trained by GBCI. This keeps Auditor fees very reasonable as project owners may pay in the local currency, with minimal travel costs. Learn more about selecting an EDGE Auditor.

Guide to EDGE Certification

Congratulations on your decision to pursue EDGE Certification for your project!

You are on your way to increasing the resource efficiency and value of your project. This six-step guide will lead you through the process.


1. Create your project in the EDGE App

First, create your project using the free EDGE web-based software (EDGE App) and enter basic information about your building. Be sure to save your project.

If you like, you can begin your self-assessment by entering information about your building’s design parameters and efficiency measures. Check out the EDGE user guides for more information.


2. Register your project with GBCI, and pay the registration fees

Registration signifies your intent to pursue EDGE certification. Just follow the simple steps using the EDGE App and GBCI will follow up via email with next steps and your invoice.

As part of GBCI's commitment to provide excellent, value-added service to our clients, we now offer free online on-demand EDGE training in English for up to two project team members for each registered EDGE project.

Registration Instructions
  1. If you have not done so already, create your project using the free EDGE App and enter basic information about your building on the Design Tab. Be sure to save your project -OR- If you already created your project, simply log in to the EDGE App.
  2. Click on the “Dashboard” button.
  3. Click on the name of the project you would like to register.
  4. Click on the “Apply for Certification” button.
  5. Select GBCI as your certifier and click “Next”.
  6. Complete the forms that appear, clicking "Next" to progress screens and clicking "Submit" when you come to the final form.
  7. Respond to GBCI's follow up email - Within 2 business days, GBCI will follow up via email with your next steps to complete registration. In this email, GBCI will request that you confirm your billing information and provide a signed certification agreement.
  8. Pay your registration fee invoice - GBCI will issue your registration fee invoice once you have confirmed your billing information and provided a signed certification agreement. Your registration invoice must be paid for your project to be considered registered. You may pay your invoice online with a credit card or via wire transfer. Instructions will be provided on your invoice.
Project Team Roles

Individuals on your project team will be called on to fill certain roles throughout the EDGE certification process. Here's a rundown of who does what:

  • Owner: The person (or entity) who has the authority to hold and control the real and personal property associated with your project, and accepts (or authorizes the acceptance of) the certification agreement. While there may be multiple owners for a particular project (if so, please submit a Confirmation of Primary Owner’s Authority Form), we ask that you identify a single individual to administer the certification process. Big takeaway: the owner has ultimate control over the EDGE certification application, meaning that Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI: the organization responsible for administering EDGE certification) will respond to the owner regarding the administration of the project over any other member of the project team.
  • Agent: The person (or entity) who is granted actual authority by the owner to register the project and accept the certification agreement.
  • Project Administrator: This team member acts as a project manager overseeing the EDGE project and submitting the output document from the EDGE software (known as the self-assessment). The project administrator also accepts the certification results once the project has successfully completed all steps in the certification process.
  • EDGE Expert: An EDGE Expert is a professional that helps a developer, owner, and larger project team understand the EDGE standard, software and certification system. The scope of the EDGE Expert’s work includes advice on green design and assistance with preparation of an application for EDGE certification. In many cases, the EDGE Expert serves as both the Agent and Project Administrator.
  • EDGE Auditor: An individual who determines by investigation, and evaluation of objective evidence whether a building project meets the requirements of the EDGE standard. The EDGE Auditor completes this assessment by reviewing project documentation (Design Audit) and conducting visits to the project site (Site Audit), and making Recommendations for certification with the EDGE Standard to GBCI. EDGE Auditors must be independent from the developer/owner/project team of a project they audit. This means that a single individual may not serve as an EDGE Expert and EDGE Auditor on a single project.


3. Select an EDGE Auditor

The next step is to select and contract with an EDGE Auditor from the list below. The EDGE Auditor will be your primary point of contact and will be responsible for completing an impartial and objective evaluation of your project via design and site audits to determine whether it meets the requirements of the EDGE Standard.

Most EDGE Auditors are available to work in multiple cities and countries. Remember EDGE Auditors only need to be at your project location for the site audit, which occurs after construction. Please inquire about individual availability with your chosen EDGE Auditor.

Find an EDGE Auditor


Projects located in Ghana must pursue EDGE certification via a local certification partner.
Accra Paul Kwesi Ocran, +233578813209, HSL AFRICA
Sunyani Samuel Kwaku Worwui, +233509160497, WAMROCK LTD
Kenya Nairobi Amrish Shah, +254713380549, Urban Green Consultants Ltd
Denis Chek, +254 727 253 496, Capital Quantity Surveyors Limited
Elizabeth Wangeci Chege, +254 705186851, WEB LIMITED
Ted Otieno, +254-795-717-294, Endustrial Support Ltd
Mauritania Nouakchott Elhadj Ould Dhmine, (+222) 36306210, Green Sahel Consulting (GSCO)
Mauritius Triolet Luv Sharma Chuttoo, (+230) 59151441, Arup (Mauritius) Ltd
Morocco Casablanca Wiam Samir, +212 673 70 36 92, Alto Eko
Ameziane Yassir, +212 66 11 93 735, Natalion Technologies
Projects located in Nigeria must pursue EDGE certification via a local certification partner.
Lagos Mattew Oloyede, +2348033797490, Sustainability Consultant
Rwanda Kigali Dheeraj Arrabothu, +250783223623, Sustainability Consultant
South Africa Johannesburg Annelide Sherratt, +27 79 813 2957, Solid Green Consulting cc
Cornelia Mey (Oberholzer), +27 72 083 5725, Ecolution Consulting
Dashiell Coville, +27843333124, Solid Green Consulting cc
Gavin Westbrook, +27 11 447 2797, Solid Green Consulting cc
Yvonne Pelser, +27836370481, Inside Out Consulting


Dhaka M Nazmul Khan, + 88 0177 6363 456, +1 306 231 0103, Quad Energy and Building Services
Akter Azim, +16477680698, Exceptions
Shanghai Chunting Liu, +86-13636405330, Johnson Controls
Jianhong Ding, +86 138 1806 6969, Wharton Technologies
Shenhao Li, +86 18918227900, Bureau Veritas
Xiao Sun, +86 13774202528
Yanjun Xing, +86 13816530486, Independent Consultant
Zhengwei Li, +86 18721922352, Tongji University
Tianjin Tiexin Chen, +8618611344026, Savills Property Services (Beijing) Company Limited
Tbilisi David Saginadze, +995 5999771212, United Nations Organization
India Bengaluru Ashok Sanadi, Esd Eco Ventures Private Limited
Chetan Tippa, Independent Consultant
Gouri Rathod, s a g a & associates
Kshitij Amodekar, SEED Consulting
Priyadarsi Das, +91-9663532938, Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Chennai Mahesh Kumar Manisamy, +919840921947, TransGreen Sustainability Solutions
Satheesh Selvam, +919704806740, Ananta Green Lead Consultancy Ltd.
Hyderabad Samhita Madanagobalane, +919849805166, Ela Green Buildings & Infrastructures Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Indore Jitendra Kumar Vyas, +918103106076, Sustainability Consultant, TECHCARE
Sudhir Menghani, +919630133320, Consultant
Kolkata Surabhi Kumari, ITC Hotels Division
Mysore Kuladeep Kumar Sadevi, +91-9014110448, Mysore School of Architecture
Mumbai Anand Achari, +91 9322838968, Ab Initio
Jyotti Prakash Rout, Surmount Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Jayesh Vira, +91 9819207416, Enviro Consultancy LLP
Preeti Kolambekar+91 9820545361, Studio Kolam
Rowena Rawte IES Ltd.
Abdul Moeed Chaudhary, +91-9029085503, ESSENTIAL INDIA
Nilesh Gandhi, +91-98201 93229, Metadesign Architects Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi Anuj Gupta, (+91) 950 931 4499, Design2Occupancy Services LLP
Mohini Singh, +91-8447854101, Independent Consultant
Pune Ar Sucheta Mehetre, +919552508189, Astha Design and Sustainable Consultancy LLP
Indonesia Jakarta Satrio Prakoso, +62 856 783 4293, Sustainahaus
Caloocan Howard Enimedez, Viridis Terris Inc.
Naga City Werner Haberzettl, +976 94 95 94 69, Development Advisor for Sustainable Development
Taguig Maria Realiza Marcelo, Viridis Terris Inc.
Thailand Bangkok Paveen Rojchanavisart, +66-92-958-5661, EGS-plan (Bangkok) Co., Ltd.
Phuket David Arell, +66-818940462, Development Management Group Co, Ltd

Central America

Costa Rica San Jose Daniel Ulate, (506) 2201-7200, TECNOCONSULT
Elias Robles Fernandez, +506 8881-4955, Tekna
Federico Steinvorth, +50622484420, SPHERA Sostenible
Gaston Michaud, +(506) 8811-3744, ENEX - Energy & Sustainability
Karol Jiménez Sánchez, +506 2525-0808, Data Center Consultores S.A.
Mariana Herrera Fonseca , +506 8886-6002, ENEX Energy & Sustainability
Melisa Apestegui , +506 8329-7954, SPHERA Sustainability Consulting
Eric Fischel Jiménez, +506 8879-2653, ENEX Energy and Sustainability
Alexander Monestel Ramos, +506 6059-6741, Data Center Consultores
Alvaro Eduardo Castro Bolaños, +506 2253-6596, OPB Architects
Marco Esteban Castro Ramirez, +506 2253-6596, OPB Arquitectos
Cristina Hidalgo, +506 8729-9278, Independent Auditor
Gustavo A. Soto Calderón, +506 8826-8680, Independent Consultant
Juan Carlos Sanabria Fallas
Esteban Araya Castro, (+506)61655364, DCC
Ligia Cabalceta Vega, 506 87671794, Ingenium
Sergio Garro Rodriguez, 506 85008998, RST Ingenieria
El Salvador Santa Tecla Elmer Marroquín, +503 79232327, Independent Auditor
San Salvador Roberto J. Rodríguez, +503 7231 9620, CARBÓNCERO
Honduras Tegucigalpa Carlos Luis Oyuela Gomez, +504 9957 3768, PROTEGER S.A.
Guatemala Guatemala City Alejandro Rivera Rivera, +502 3054-4177, NÁRUM Consult
David Hernandez Prera, +502 57047211, DHP Arquitectura
Panama La Chorrera Ninette Burac, Sustainability Consultant
Marbella Maxim Rebolledo, 50766152001, Sustainability Consultant


Bulgaria Sofia Ivaylo Dinkov Nikolov, Botanic Flo, +359 886 848487
  Vessela Valtcheva-Mcgee, Triple Green Group
Germany Cologne Dr. Zeinab Alameddine, TÜV SÜD Advimo GmbH, +49-15114973889
Greece Athens Antonis Stroumpoulis, audits.gr, +306974826251
Romania Bucharest Elena Rastei, +40 734 911 322, Green Building Consulting
Poland Poznan Andrzej Romanowski , +48 501 371 281, Building Energy Consulting
Portugal Lisboa Tomás Vilela, 0351 919016111, S317Consulting
Turkey Istanbul Emre Ilicali, Altensis Insaat Enerji San. Ve Tic.
Mehmet Okumus, +90 554 774 6181, Consultant
Khorshid Moradi, +989051348073 - +982636703716, Independent consultant

Middle East

Egypt Cairo Karim Farah, +201001740748, REEDS Consult
Jordan Amman Ahmad M.H. Hasan Altibi, +962777327270, Independent consultant
Maysoon Al-Khuraissat, +962797243133, adaa, Sustainable Development Consultants
Hadeel Yousef Ibrahim Sarhan, +962795453650, Consulting Engineering
Kuwait Salmiya-Hawalli Governorate Walid Khalil, +965 67682422, ADC/OC Consultant
Lebanon Beirut Nader Hajj Shehadeh, +9613332125, +96170153119, OTB Consult
Fares Kikano, +96170674767, ENEXYS
Pakistan Islamabad Waqas Ahmad Khalil, +92 332 9320336, NUST
Saudi Arabia Jeddah Abdalla Anwar Abdellatif, +966 59 7 810 810, Independent Consultant
Riyadh Ashraf Taha, Hill International
Oman Muscat Melvin D Souza, 00968- 92660928, AL SAQF ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY
United Arab Emirates Dubai Mohammed Zaheeruddin, +971561102002, Crown Home Consultants
Ryan Ben Sabilala, (97158) 111-0394, Independent Consultant
Abu Dhabi NISHAD BHAVAKUNHI, 00971561881937, WSP

North America

Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Juan Jose Tejada, +18095676071, JUAN JOSE TEJADA, ARCHITECT
Mexico Guadalajara Dinah Cuevas Santos, +5233141229720, CIVITA
Isaura Paulina Melgoza Hernández, 01523331287295, CIVITA
Jorge López De Obeso, +523338986200, Eosis
Mexico City Alejandro Trillo, IACSA
Caroline Verut, +5215519480152, Itaca Proyectos Sustentables
Claudia Castillo,+5215540802266, CCASAGUI Edificación Sustentable
Dario Ibarguengoitia, +525528142153, Ibalca
David Dominguez, +5215530397608, 3Lotus Consulting
Jose Julio Bastidas, CSB
Magdalena Magaña Páramo, +52 72 25 12 55 42, Specson
Mauricio Ramirez, +52 55 2888 1010, Bovis
Rocio Montana, Sustainability Consultant
Monterrey Ana Esquivelzeta, +528118008092, Recurso V
Hendrick Muñoz, KIN ENERGY
Job Rocha, +52 81 2556 0343, Asesores Verdes
Lourdes (Lu) Salinas, +5218180103424, THREE Consultoría Medioambiental
Mayela A. Salazar, +52 81 2935 4014, GreenMinds
San Pedro Garza García NL Rodrigo Gomez Junco, Sinergi Integrated Building Sciences, LLC
Tijuana Alejandro Tangassi, +52-664-2310079, TAAGBUILD
Jorge Torres Coto, 0115216643145814, Empirical Engineering
United States Lake Forest, CA John Covello, +1 714-292-6813,UL Verification Services Inc.

South America

Argentina Buenos Aires Ana Carolina Montecinos Ongini, +5491156578448, Consultant
Andres Schwarz, NRG-AR
Gustavo Goldman, Consultora Goldman
Laura Romanello, +541165583164, Arquitectura Sustentable
Micaela Smulevich, +5491141971430, Sustainability Consultants
Nicole Michel, +5491131633163
Paula Andrea Hernandez, 54 11 43033481, MPH&H Consulting Engineers
Córdoba María Carolina Waldheim, +549351157019206, NWarquitectos
María Daniela Sueldo, +540351156175779, RE & ASOCIADOS S.A.
Brazil Salvado, Bahia Diana Siqueira Paes, +55 71 99672 2035, Green Edifica Consultoria
São Paulo Camila Del Gaudio Orlando, +55 11 971074185, Centro de Tecnologia em Edificações
Daniela Corcuera, +55 11 981879248, Quanta Studio Environmental Consultancy and Architecture
Rosane Fukuoka, +55 11 31593188, Mitsidi Projetos Ltda
Bolivia Santa Cruz Luis Marcelo Valenzuela Ortiz,
+591 73128231, Valenzuela & Asociados S.R.L
Chile Santiago María Fernanda Aguirre, +56978799479, Latitud Sur Consultores, Independent Consultant
Maria Soledad Vargas, +569982486141, Arkenergia
Projects located in Colombia must pursue EDGE certification via a local certification partner.
Bogota Andres Ramirez, 573125522785, SES - Soluciones Energéticas Sostenibles SAS
Felipe Holguin, Independent Consultant
Pedro Julio Silva Perez, +573002185972, Grupo Dinpro
Ecuador Quito Adriana Benalcázar, +593 987231275, AB arquitectura
Daniel Rodriguez, +593 987863868, En.Te Design
Jonathan Santamaría, +593 99 352 3885, En.Te Design
Mauro Cepeda Ortiz, +593 984088665, Arch-BIO (Architecture with a Bioclimatic Approach)
Santiago Morales Flores, +593 998005615, Arch-BIO (Architecture with a Bioclimatic Approach)
Viviana Cabrera, +593 984591739, Sustainable Architecture
Peru Lima
Ana Lucia Granda
, +51 965056432, LEAF
Carmen Luna, +51 965998810, Independent
Daniel R. Rondinel, +51 999874105, interLocalStudi
Elda Silva, +51993131947, Independent Consultant
Leslie Berdiales, +511 7050236 ext.7109, +51 977380497, SUMAC
Lizbet Vanessa López García, +511-7050236 Anx 7111, SUMAC
Lorenzo Villoslada, (511) 987109413, SUMAC
Nelly Alexandra Cúneo Galdós, +051994670598, Independent Consultant
Reynaldo Percca Carbajal, 511980738158, Sustainability Consultant
Sandra Barrantes Pucci, +51 991594364, Independent Architect
Vanessa Montezuma Ramos, +5117390606 (office), +51998949689 (mobile), Arquitectura&Ciudad
Luis Llacas, +51963992577, +593981381404, Sustainability Consultant
Ingrid Muñoz Sáez, +51 966715581, Sustainability Consultant
Luis Fernando Espinoza Castillo, +51994349675, Independent Consultant
Lizbeth de la Cruz Santamaria, +51 923004121, SUMAC
Paraguay Asuncion Alejandro Barrail, +595981180805, Barrail & Cia.
Trinidad and Tobago Valsayn Akindele Looby, 1-868-710-1425, OCG Associates
Uruguay Montevideo Rafael Perolo Ghislieri, +59826008854, +59893748317, GEA Consultores Ambientales
Important Considerations
  • You will negotiate EDGE Auditor fees and contract terms directly with your chosen Auditor.
  • EDGE Auditor fees are independent of the registration and certification fees paid to GBCI.
  • You may only use an EDGE Auditor that is listed on this webpage.
  • Please note that your Auditor should not be viewed as a consultant on your project, and is prohibited from providing design and/or consulting services for your project.
  • Your contract with the EDGE Auditor must be in place before you apply for certification (step 4).
  • If an EDGE Auditor is not available in your region or you do not wish to contract with any Auditors listed on this page, you may request a quote from GBCI to provide you with these services. GBCI may provide these services with either its staff or subcontractors.


4. Apply: Submit your application and pay certification fees

Now comes the fun part: you’re ready to collect and submit the appropriate documentation via the EDGE software so that your EDGE Auditor may review your project. Working with your Project Team, you will identify EDGE Measures to pursue and use the EDGE software to determine if your project meets the EDGE Standard. Your team will then collect and prepare documentation demonstrating your achievement of the selected measures. The EDGE user guides provide detailed information on each EDGE measure and the documentation information required.

Upload your completed materials in EDGE software and make sure to perform a rigorous quality check of your entire application before submitting for review.

All finished? Ready, set, submit! Don’t forget to pay your certification fee. Your review will commence once your payment has cleared.


5. Review: Your EDGE project is reviewed by your EDGE Auditor and GBCI

Your Auditor and GBCI will conduct a thorough technical review of your application. But don’t kick back yet—you’ll need to be an active participant throughout the review process:

Part 1: Design Audit
  • Please note that new construction projects that are approaching construction completion may opt to skip their Design Audit. While exisiting buildings typically skip a Design Audit, buildings undergoing major renovations (greater than 25% of major elements) may opt to undertake a Design Audit.
  • Gather all the requested documentation and submit to your Auditor so they can begin the Design Audit (remember you Auditor will need to have access to all the documentation in order to begin the Design audit).
  • Your Auditor will check your application for completeness and compliance with the EDGE Standard requirements. The Auditor will indicate which measures were approved and which are pending further information or not approved.
  • Provide additional information as requested by the Auditor for the final phase of the Design Audit. GBCI suggests you submit these clarifications to the Auditor as soon as possible after you receive the comments from the Auditor (within 20-25 business days is recommended).
  • Your Auditor will review the additional information, and if the Auditor is satisfied that the building design meets the EDGE Standard, they will make a Recommendation to GBCI for Preliminary Certification.
  • GBCI will conduct a thorough quality review to make sure that the Design Audit is complete and issue a Preliminary Certificate for the building project, assuming no further issues are found. Note that the Preliminary Certificate will expire 12 months after the project is practically complete, or 36 months after issuance, whichever comes first, unless an exception request has been received in writing and granted by GBCI.
Part 2: Site Audit
  • After your building project is constructed, your EDGE Auditor will undertake a Site Audit to make sure that the completed building includes the EDGE Measures that were selected in the design. You'll schedule the site visit with the EDGE Auditor directly. Your Auditor will also request construction phase documentation prior to scheduling the site visit. You must provide all the requested documentation to your Auditor before they can begin the Site Audit. Note that the Site Audit must take place within 12 months of the project’s practical completion for new construction projects.
  • If your Auditor is satisfied that the completed building meets the EDGE Standard, they will make a Recommendation to GBCI for EDGE Certification.
  • GBCI will then conduct a thorough quality review to make sure that the Site Audit is complete and issue an EDGE Certificate for the building project.
Appeal Review (optional, appeal fees apply)
  • For an additional fee, an appeal review allows you to submit supplementary information, and amend the application in the event your Preliminary or EDGE Certification is denied or if you would like to document additional savings. Your EDGE Auditor and GBCI will review the additional or amended information provided.
  • GBCI will respond with an appeal review report; depending on the complexity of the appeal and/or the number of measures that are addressed, it may take up to 20-25 calendar days to issue the report and a new or amended Preliminary or EDGE Certificate.
Submitting an Inquiry

Technical Inquiries
Your EDGE Auditor is your primary point of contact for all technical inquiries throughout the certification process. The Auditor can help answer technical questions about the EDGE certification system and clarify requirements in instances where you are unable to find an answer in published guidance, and/or your project has a unique or complex scenario for which you and your consultant require additional support. Please note that your Auditor should not be viewed as a consultant on your project, and is prohibited from providing design and/or consulting services for your project.

Complaints and Grievances
If you have concerns or complaints about your EDGE Auditor, please contact us at [email protected].

Certification Timelines and Deadlines

Certification timeline

GBCI Quality Check Timeline
Once the Auditor submits their Recommendation to GBCI, the final decision regarding preliminary certificate (outcome of design audit) or EDGE Certification (outcome of site audit) is estimated to be 10 business days (not guaranteed). Note that GBCI review will not begin until certification fee payment has cleared. Expedited reviews (reduced to half of standard timeline) may be available for an additional flat certification fee of $2,750, based on GBCI review capacity. You must reach out to GBCI at minimum 15 business days before your design or site audit begins, if you require an expedited review timeline. Contact [email protected] for expedited certification requests.

EDGE Auditor Design and Site Audit Timeline
The Auditor is expected to provide an anticipated timeline to the project team on the activities that they will complete for a project. The timeline may vary from project to project and the responsiveness of an owner/project team to requests for information/documentation from their Auditor, will factor into the overall timeline. GBCI has provided the following as a general guideline on what to expect from your Auditor. Note that the Audits will begin only after the project team has provided all the required documentation to the Auditor.

Design Audit: Initial Review 5 business days
Design Audit: Second Review + Recommendation to GBCI 5 business days
Site Audit: Initial Review (after Site Visit) 5 business days
Site Audit: Second Review + Recommendation to GBCI 5 business days

Site Audit Deadline for New Construction Projects
For new construction projects, the Site Audit by the auditor during the construction phase review must be carried out no later than 12 months after your project is substantially completed (the date on which your building receives a certificate of occupancy or similar official indication that it is fit and ready for use).

Mixed-Use and Multiple Buildings
Mixed-Use Buildings
If a building has more than one use and the secondary use occupies less than 10% of the floor area up to a maximum of 1,000 m², the entire building can be certified under the primary use of the building. If the area of secondary use is more than 10% of the floor area or more than 1,000 m², then that portion must be certified separately. For example, if a 10,000 m² residential building has a retail portion of 1,200 m² located within the ground floor, the building areas must be certified separately under the Homes and Retail typologies.

Multiple Buildings
When one project (such as a housing development) with a single owner consists of several buildings, buildings of less than 10% of the floor area of the project up to a maximum of 1,000 m² with the same use may be clustered together as a single building. Buildings larger than 10% of the project floor area or more than 1,000 m² must be considered as separate buildings. In residential projects, however, each individual unit would receive an EDGE Certificate, not the overall building. When multiple types of units are present, each unit type in the project is assessed separately.


6. Certify: Receive your Preliminary Certificate or EDGE Certification

If you’ve achieved certification: CONGRATULATIONS from all of us at GBCI!

Your project will be designated as 'EDGE Advanced' on your certificate(s) if it has achieved at least 40% predicted energy savings in addition to at least 20% predicted savings in water and embodied energy in materials. There are no additional fees or process steps for a project to be designated as EDGE Advanced.

Note if certification has not been achieved or certification was denied by GBCI, you may appeal that decision.

Promote your Project

Once you’ve earned certification, it’s likely that you’ll want to tell the world. And you should! EDGE Certification benefits your business’ bottom line and underscores your sustainability efforts. It’s a cause for celebration. The EDGE Certification logo may be used to represent the associated project's achievement per IFC's guidelines. These logos may be included in collateral and other marketing materials, and on physical installations such as EDGE plaques, decals and banners.

You’ll also receive a formal certificate of recognition, and may promote your certification in a number of ways listed in the Marketing Toolkit.

How GBCI Utilizes your Project Data

We use your project data for the greater good: to educate and provide resources for EDGE project teams and others around the world, showcase your strategies, and share the size and power of the green building movement.

Registered and certified EDGE projects are considered “public” projects by default and are included in the public project directory. A listing in this directory allows the general public and members of the media to look up your project listing and its related details.

Here's a full list of the data and project elements that may be listed in the public project directory:

  • Project name
  • Project ID
  • Physical address
  • Date of registration
  • Date of certification
  • Projected energy, water, embodied energy savings
  • Selected EDGE measures
  • Owner name
  • Project type

All public projects also benefit from publicity opportunities: we may utilize your project data to create case studies highlighting your project's features, reference your project on our website or to the media, or create other derivative works.

Information that may be used for articles, project profiles, other features:

  • Service providers
  • Project team members
  • Promotional or other project photographs
  • Project strategies for certification
  • Quotations from team members

You may opt-out of the project directory and publicity opportunities as a “private project” by submitting a written request from the project owner to GBCI.

Note that if a project chooses to remain private, it must not be marketed or represented to the general public as either a registered or certified EDGE project. These projects aren't entitled to use or display any intellectual property, including the EDGE Certification trademarks and logos. These projects may communicate their status as either a registered or certified EDGE project to government entities for the limited purposes of complying with building and tax laws, and administrative proceedings related to land use entitlements.

Revocation of Preliminary Certificate or EDGE Certification

In rare situations, a Preliminary Certificate or EDGE Certification may be revoked. We’ve created the Certification Challenge Policy to ensure that all EDGE project submittals and subsequent reviews by EDGE Auditors and GBCI are done so with integrity, accuracy and truthfulness. A certification challenge may be initiated by GBCI or by any third party within 18 months of a project’s certification. In line with the policy, you’ll need to retain all project documentation related to your certification, and the achievement of measures, on-site at your certified project for two years after receiving certification, to ensure that this information is available in case of a challenge.


7. Pursue EDGE Zero Carbon Certification

Projects that have already achieved EDGE Advanced certification can go all the way to carbon neutral through on-site renewables or carbon offsets.

Eligibility and Requirements

To qualify for EDGE Zero Carbon Certification, the project must have already earned EDGE Advanced Certification (i.e., EDGE certified with at least 40% predicted energy savings in addition to at least 20% predicted savings in water and embodied energy in materials). In addition, the project must have had at least 75% occupancy for at least one year.

The project must use 100% renewables on-site or off-site for energy, or have purchased carbon offsets to reach 100%. All energy usage must be accounted for, including secondary fuels such as diesel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
The following carbon offset providers have been authorized by EDGE: ClimateSEED, Community Climate Biodiversity Standard, Gold Standard, ISO 14064-2, UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism, and Verified Carbon Standard.

Renewal Periods

  • For a project that meets the EDGE Zero Carbon criteria fully on-site, including generation of on-site renewable electricity, the certificate will expire after four years.
  • For a project that meets the EDGE Zero Carbon criteria by purchasing off-site renewable electricity or carbon offsets, the certificate will expire after two years.

Introductory pricing of $500 (₹35,000) for an individual building with no more than 3 meters/sources of fuel (e.g. Electricity, Diesel, LPG, Natural Gas, etc.). Pricing is per renewal period. Please contact us for a custom quote for detached single family homes, multiple buildings, or individual buildings with 4 or more meters/sources of fuel.

The certification process is described in detail on IFC's guide on How to Apply for EDGE Zero Carbon Certification .

Ready to pursue your EDGE Zero Carbon Certification? Please contact us to register your project.