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Free 30-minute "Introduction to EDGE" Online Course

Start here! Check out GBCI’s free online “Introduction to EDGE” course, available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. You'll learn about EDGE certification and the professional and business opportunities that EDGE offers you, including how to earn your EDGE Expert credential and how to become a GBCI EDGE Auditor.

Take course in English | Acceso al curso en español Faça o curso em português

In addition to the free online, on-demand courses, GBCI occasionally holds free "Introduction to EDGE" webinars.

French Intro to EDGE - Free Webinar
Thursday, July 7, 2022
3:00pm – 4:00pm (West Central Africa Time)

French Intro to EDGE - Free Webinar
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
3:00pm – 4:00pm (West Central Africa Time)

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Technical Workshops

EDGE Technical Workshops (EDGE Experts Training)

Interested in learning even more or preparing to take the EDGE Exam? Take GBCI’s EDGE Technical Workshop for EDGE Expert candidates, project teams, and consultants. The workshop prepares EDGE Expert candidates to take the EDGE Exam and covers the basics of EDGE, the certification process, and how to use the EDGE software.

Online On-Demand Training

Online On-Demand Training | $150

GBCI’s EDGE Technical Workshop is available online, on-demand in English or Spanish for only $150. The workshop includes multiple videos, quizzes and a practical exercise. Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you like.

Register in English | Regístrese en español

As part of GBCI's commitment to provide excellent, value-added service to our clients, we now offer free online, on-demand EDGE training in English for up to two project team members for each registered EDGE project. Learn more about registering your project.

In-Person Workshops

Online Livestream or Local In-Person Workshops

Private Training For Your Group or Organization

GBCI offers private in-person training for your group or organization in multiple languages (minimum of 5 or 10 students depending on your location). Get a quote.

June 23-24, 2022

Online Portuguese Livestream

Day 1: Thursday, June 23, 2022
1:30pm - 6:00pm (Brasilia City Time)

Day 2: Friday, June 24, 2022
1:30pm - 6:00pm (Brasilia City Time)

Early Birds (10% discount, until May 30): BRL 675.00 (IVA included)
Regular Registration: BRL 750.00 (IVA included)


June 25, 2022

Portuguese livestream advanced training

Thinking like an EDGE Auditor: Best practices for EDGE audit submissions

Have you ever wondered what exactly your EDGE Auditor is looking for?

Make the EDGE certification process smoother and faster by putting yourself in the mindset of your EDGE Auditor. Learn what Auditors expect from your EDGE project self-assessment and documentation. A 3 hour workshop to share insights that will enable you to better meet or exceed client timeline expectations while saving time and money.

Saturday, June 25, 2022
8:00am - 11:00am (Brasilia City Time)

Free for June 23-24 EDGE Technical Workshop participants
Early Birds (10% discount, until May 30): BRL 270.00 (IVA included)
Regular Registration: BRL 300.00 (IVA included)



Government Incentives

Government Incentives

Learn about government incentives available for EDGE projects.

Financing Incentives

Financing Incentives

Learn about preferred financing rates for property developers and green mortgages for home buyers with EDGE-certified buildings.



Explore the EDGE brochure for general information on EDGE. Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Turkish.

User Guides

User Guides

Access the EDGE User Guides to dig deeper into the EDGE software, including each efficiency measure.

Projects that have achieved EDGE Advanced certification (predicted energy savings of at least 40%) at least one year ago and have at least 75% occupancy may wish to pursue EDGE Zero Carbon Certification. Read IFC's guide on How to Apply for EDGE Zero Carbon Certification to learn more.

Methodology Report

Methodology Reports

Curious about the underlying assumptions, equations, and data sets that power the EDGE software? The EDGE Methodology Report shows how a base case is established, how demand is calculated, and how local climate conditions influence results. You can also check out the EDGE Cost Model and EDGE Embodied Energy in Materials Methodology to learn more about those respective areas.