EDGE enables design teams and project owners to assess the most cost effective ways to incorporate energy and water saving options into their buildings.

An innovation of International Finance Corporation (IFC), EDGE is comprised of a web-based software application, a universal standard and a certification system.

  • The EDGE software application is free at edgebuildings.com. Within minutes, a building designer can determine the optimum combination of design strategies for the best return on investment.
  • EDGE creates a new global standard by requiring that a green building achieve a projected minimum reduction of 20% in energy and water use, and embodied energy in materials as benchmarked against a standard building.
  • Certification is offered at a modest cost by GBCI in order to validate project achievements for financial and community stakeholders.

EDGE certification is available from GBCI in over 120 countries around the globe. GBCI is a global certification provider for EDGE and the exclusive certification provider for EDGE projects in India. View the full list of countries where GBCI offers EDGE certification.

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