Introduction to EDGE course now available in Spanish

Dror Karni

Have 30 minutes to spare and want to learn about EDGE? Take our free and engaging course, Introduction to EDGE (Introducción a EDGE), now available in Spanish! (View the English version.)

An innovation of International Finance Corporation (IFC), EDGE is a green building certification system focused on making new residential and commercial buildings more resource-efficient. EDGE comprises a web-based software application, a global standard and a certification system.

The EDGE software is free to use at Within minutes, a building designer can determine the optimum combination of design strategies for the best return on investment. As a free design tool, EDGE presents predicted costs, savings and payback periods for green building measures, helping developers and buildings make the case for green building.

Projects that achieve a 20 percent projected reduction in the use of energy, water and embodied energy in materials compared to conventional buildings are eligible for EDGE certification. Certification is offered at a modest cost by GBCI to validate project achievement for financial and community stakeholders. GBCI administers EDGE certification in nearly 120 countries around the world and is the exclusive certification provider for all EDGE buildings in India.

Interested in certifying a project with EDGE or becoming an EDGE Auditor? LEED professionals can receive continuing education credit for completing this course. After taking the course, you will be able to

  1. Describe the components of EDGE.
  2. Recognize how EDGE helps grow the green building market.
  3. Use the EDGE software to design a resource-efficient building.
  4. Articulate the benefits of EDGE certification.
  5. Summarize how to certify an EDGE project with GBCI.
  6. List the steps required to become an EDGE Auditor.

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