New online EDGE class to launch in early 2017

Sarah Buente

Interested in learning more about EDGE and how you can build new sustainable residential and commercial buildings in the most cost-effective way? GBCI is excited to announce a new interactive online training opportunity that will launch in early 2017.

The online class will consist of 2–3 webinars per week. The first two weeks will be an online version of our highly successful EDGE Technical Workshop, helping EDGE project teams understand the EDGE Standard, use the software application and navigate the certification process.

An additional week of training will follow for an online version of our EDGE Auditor Candidate Workshop. This workshop will help EDGE Auditor candidates complete design and site audits and prepare for their EDGE Auditor examination. 

  • Week 1 and 2: EDGE Technical Workshop (open to all)
  • Week 3: EDGE Auditor Candidate Workshop (for approved EDGE Auditor candidates)

If you are interested in attending the training, we’d like to hear from you. Please fill out our expression of interest form to provide your feedback and let us know what you are looking to get out of the course. Your feedback will help us design and tailor the online versions of these courses to meet your needs.

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