Using the EDGE web-based software is fast, easy and free [video]

Published on: 
25 Jul 2016
Sarah Merricks

The EDGE software is free to use at Within minutes, you can determine the most cost-effective efficiency measures for your green building. Based on a building’s parameters, the EDGE software discovers energy and water-saving design opportunities through region-specific and use-based analysis. As a free design tool, the EDGE software presents predicted costs, savings and payback periods for a menu of green building measures. The EDGE software makes it easy to make the business case for green building.

EDGE empowers developers and owners to build green in 125 emerging markets. It’s a fast, simple and affordable way to create a green building portfolio around the globe, and it’s available in a variety of different languages. Interested in trying it out? Watch our short tutorial to get started with the EDGE software today:

Want to learn even more about EDGE? Take our free, 30-minute Introduction to EDGE course.