What not to miss at Greenbuild: EDGE in emerging markets

Published on: 
8 Sep 2016
Sarah Buente

Heading to Greenbuild 2016? To help you plan your days, we’ve listed some of the offerings focused on EDGE, a green building rating system for new residential and commercial buildings. A mass market transformational tool, EDGE allows emerging markets around the world to scale up green buildings in a fast, simple and affordable way.

EDGE certification is available from GBCI® in nearly 120 countries around the globe. GBCI is a global certification provider for EDGE and the exclusive provider for EDGE projects in India.

Attend one of our sessions and learn the ins and outs of EDGE:

  • EDGE Technical Workshop (Monday, Oct. 3, 8:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.): Gain an overview of EDGE and the certification process; learn how to use the EDGE Software to understand how energy, water, and materials efficiency strategies impact cost, savings and building performance; and learn best practices for bringing EDGE to the market.
  • EDGE Auditor Candidate Workshop (Tuesday, Oct. 4, 1:305:30 p.m.): The EDGE Auditor is an individual who determines by investigation of objective evidence whether a building meets the requirements of the EDGE Standard. This workshop will help EDGE Auditor candidates complete design and site audits and prepare for the EDGE Auditor examination.
  • A Peek Under the Hood: How the EDGE Software Works (Friday, Oct. 7, (9:3010:30 a.m.): EDGE is a free web-based application that makes it simple to assess the most cost-effective ways to incorporate energy and water saving options into your building. EDGE makes complex building calculations happen at the snap of a finger. At this interactive forum, the experts who created EDGE will offer a deep dive into the EDGE Software and the sources and decisions that were made to put it all together.

Want to learn more about EDGE? Subject matter experts will be available throughout the conference at the GBCI Certification Work Zone. Stop by and meet one on one with experts to discuss questions about specific EDGE projects or about the rating system requirements.

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