EDGE-certified affordable housing in Bangalore: Low-cost, quality construction

Sarah Merricks

VBHC Value Homes Pvt. Ltd believes that good quality living should be within everyone’s reach and grasp, and is committed to developing high-quality affordable and budget homes. Rather than relying on traditional construction techniques, VBHC uses a lean manufacturing process that relies on form technology and uses contemporary building technologies, computer-added design methods and an ingenious industrial engineering process. By industrializing the building process, VBHC ensures greater speed, accuracy and control of core elements. Exceptional quality of construction, a transparent buying experience, speedy completion and delivery at low cost forms the hallmark of VBHC.

The developer has ambitious plans to build green residences across India, and promises to deliver 18,000 homes in the next few years as they expand their footprint. The flagship project of VBHC, Vaibhava Bangalore is a residential complex that combines high quality construction with affordable pricing, reinforcing VBHC’s belief that quality living should be within everyone’s reach.

The project received EDGE certification from GBCI, and has achieved predicted savings of 33 percent in energy, 39 percent in water and 23 percent in embodied energy. Through EDGE, Vaibhava Bangalore has been able to deliver exemplary benefits to its residents in the form of reduced energy bills, imporved health and wellbeing and close connectivity with the surrounding environment. It is conveniently located close to Electronic City and neighboring industrial belts, as well as local colleges and hospitals. In addition, more than 70 percent of the project site is devoted to open spaces.

Watch a short video below to learn how the project is making an impact on its residents.