How to achieve EDGE certification by the end of 2020

Dror Karni
How to achieve EDGE certification by the end of 2020

Trying to achieve EDGE Certification before the end of the year? The time to plan is now.

We know that some projects may have deadlines to achieve certification before the end of the year and we anticipate potential delays during the final two months of the year if many projects submit for review at the same time. Further, the end of the year is a customary time for many of us to take well-earned time off during the holiday season. On this note, GBCI offices will be closed from December 25, 2020 through January 1, 2021.


If your project must receive EDGE Certification before the end of 2020, please closely study the deadlines below and plan ahead. 

All project teams hoping to achieve Preliminary or Final EDGE Certification before the end of 2020 should inform their EDGE Auditor and GBCI of their specific needs as early as possible. GBCI will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests, as capacity allows.

EDGE PROJECT TEAMS: To ensure Preliminary or Final EDGE Certification in 2020, pay for and submit your project to EDGE's Auditors by November 6

EDGE AUDITORS:  To ensure Preliminary or Final EDGE Certification in 2020, submit your initial audit comments to GBCI by November 13 and final comments/recommendations by December 4

Some additional important reminders and considerations:

  • All registration and certification fee payments must clear before GBCI begins a review of a project. We strongly recommend paying by credit card to avoid wire transfer delays.
  • The deadline dates above are based on standard review timelines and assume two rounds of review by Auditor and/or GBCI for Preliminary or Final EDGE Certification.
  • The above deadline dates assume that Project Teams will provide clarifications to initial review comments within five business days of receiving them from their Auditor. Further, the dates assume that after the Auditor submits to GBCI for final review/recommendation, no additional documentation is necessary. If there are further clarifications needed from the Project Team or Auditor after GBCI QC, certification may be delayed.
  • A limited number of Expedited Reviews (half of the standard timeline) may be available based on GBCI capacity.  However, these cannot be guaranteed during the last few weeks of the year. Your best bet is to plan ahead and meet the deadline dates above – you’ll also avoid extra fees!  If you are planning to request an Expedited Review, please contact GBCI as soon as possible, and at minimum 10 business days prior to submitting your project for audit.  If you're seeking an Expedited Review, an additional fee of $2,750 applies. For Expedited Reviews, Auditors should plan to submit the project to GBCI no later than December 8, 2020 in order to achieve certification before the end of the year.

If you have any questions, please contact GBCI by emailing [email protected]